foundation in 2008. Focusing on :Formation, Rural Development, Small Credit and Water


About-KR(Kolping Rwanda)

With 5000 members in 96 Kolping Families the National Association of Rwanda has grown considerably since its foundation in 2008.

Almost 90% of the population lives from subsistence farming. To make sure that the success is long-term,Kolping Rwanda places the focus on:Formation, Rural Development, Small Credit and Water.



Motivated by the Christianism concept of abundant life for all and in the light of the vision of our founder Blessed Adolph KOLPING, we the members of the Kolping RWANDA,

commit ourselves to contribute towards bringing about holistic and sustainable progress and development in RWANDA by responding to present day challenges.


A.KOLPING featured works When Adolph Kolping grew up he gave himself to God and he will be given the sacrament of priesthood on April 13, 1845, until message to ELIBERIFIRID where he met the teacher John
GREGOR BREUER started the "PROFESSIONAL ASSOCIATION" which consisted of seven young men, who could be compared to street children. because they had nowhere to go. After he was given the message, they made him the Omoni of these children. He was very happy, because he had reached the goal he had intended to fight
poverty. He gathered them together and built a house where they all lived, after only one year, each everyone had a place to go. From then on, Adolphe Kolping worked hard for the group, which expanded and spread throughout Germany. He has abandoned God After he passed away on 08/12/1865, the family members gathered, wanting to make sure that their Mother would not be forgotten forever. That's when they decided to name the family. The KOLPING family was born like that in the COLONYE Cathedral, where he spent 11 years and continued in MINORIRE, everywhere he went to establish an organization with the goal "PRAY, STUDY, WORK"