Adolph Kolping was born on 8th December 1813 in Kerpen



Adolph Kolping was born on 8th December 1813 in Kerpen as the fourth of five children to the poor shepherd Peter Kolping (d. 12 April 1845) and Anna Maria Zurheyden (d. 4 April 1833). He often lived in the shadow of frail health during his childhood.

After he was given the message, they made him the Omoni of these children. He was very happy, because he had reached The goal was to fight poverty. He gathered them together and built a house where they all lived, after only one year, each everyone had a place to go. From then on, Adolphe Kolping worked hard for the group, which expanded and spread throughout Germany. He has abandoned God After he passed away on 08/12/1865, the family members gathered, wanting to make sure that their Mother would not be forgotten forever. That's when they decided to name the family. The KOLPING family was born like that in the COLONYE Cathedral, where he spent 11 years and continued in MINORIRE, everywhere he went to establish an organization with the goal "PRAY, STUDY, WORK"


Featured work A. KOLPING When Adolph Kolping grew up he gave himself to God and he will be given the sacrament of priesthood on April 13, 1845, until message to ELIBERIFIRID where he met the teacher John GREGOR BREUER started the "PROFESSIONAL ASSOCIATION" which consisted of seven young men, who could be compared to street children. because they had nowhere to stay.


Date Event
08/12/1813 born in Kerepeni near Kolone.
1826-1837 Student, shoemaker.
1837-1841 A student at Marizeleni High School in Colony.
1841- 1844 Student at the University of Monici and Boni.
1844-1845 A seminarian in the Colony seminary
13/04/1845 He was ordained a priest in the Colony Church.
1845-1849 Seen by teacher I Ebelfeld (Wuppertal-elberfeld).
07/1847 ????????????????????????????
10/1848 The first miracle of the trade union, here he still had in his heart all those he had left behind in shoemaking.
01/04/1849 Assistant priest of the Colony Cathedral .
06/05/1849 The establishment of the Kolomba Professionals Association at Kolumba School with seven young men (7)
01/01/1850 The supervisor of ''Reyinice Kiliceniblati and Katolice Volukasikalenda .
20/10/1850 ????????????????????????????????????????????
1852 Urugendo mu burasirazuba bw’u Budage na ostaraliya
01/04/1854 An introduction to the "Reininice Vocabulary"
1856 Travel to Saxony, Hungary, Croatia .
02/04/1862 High priest of the Minorite Church.
22/04/1862 Counselor and secretary of the pope .
1862 Journey to Rome, showing Pope Pius IX his ministry .
04/12/1865 Date of death in Colony .
27/10/1991 He is included in his blessing.